2024 Brown County 4-H Camp

Brown County 4-H multi-county Camps at Canter's Cave 4-H Camp! Camp dates have been set and listed below. Registration information will be posted for each camp once it becomes available.

I encourage you to check out the Canter's Cave website here: http://4hcanterscave.osu.edu/ or the camp Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/CantersCave/?fref=ts Additionally, there is a camp open house on May 5th that we encourage you to attend. Contact the Extension Office if you would like a camp ambassador to come talk to your club!

Camp Dates:

Click on the name of the event to access the appropriate forms, links will appear in blue when the forms are available. Deadlines are listed on the individual registration forms. Camp-specific forms are included with each camp. A general packing list for camp is available by clicking HERE

REGISTRATION INFORMATION for 2024 camps will be posted as available. When it goes live there will be links for each one under the camp event. 


2024 DATE


Teen Winter Retreat (information packet)

Direct reg link: HTTP://go.osu.edu/teenwinterretreat 

Feb. 3rd-4th


Reg. Due - Jan. 31st

Open House May 5th Free

Spring Fling (Grades 3-6)

Registration Due: April 15


April 27th-28th $40

Forestry & Wildlife Camp

Registration Due: March 28

April 19th-21st


Adaptive Adventures - formerly Special Needs Camp

June 14th-16th

Youth fee: $80
Registration Due: June 1st
Caregiver fee: $45 

Beginner Camp (completing grades 3-5) - 

Informational Letter

June 17th-20th

$165 (4-H Member)
$175 (non 4-H)
Registration Due: May 31st

STEM Camp -
Registration forms at bottom of link.

Registration due May 28th. 

June 10th-12th  $100

Cloverbud Overnight Camp at Canters Cave (Youth & Parent) 
(click for registration) 
(Cloverbud age is 5 and in kindergarten as of Jan. 1, 2024 and
no older than 8 and in the 2nd grade as of Jan. 1, 2024; youth
must have completed kindergarten to be a Cloverbud).

June 28th-29th

$60 for first camper/parent.
Each additional camper, cloverbud
or adult will be an extra $40

Registration Due: June 12

Jr. High Camp (completing grades 6-8) -

Informational Letter

June 25th-28th

$165 (4-H Member)
$175 (non 4-H)
Registration Due: June 10th

Teen Camp - (completing grades 9-12)

June 21st-24th

$170 (4-H member)
$180 (non-4-H)
Registration Due: June 4th

Cloverbud Day Camp - held at Brown Co. Fairgrounds
Register at 
Registration Due: 
(Cloverbud age is 5 and in kindergarten as of Jan. 1, 2024 and
no older than 8 and in the 2nd grade as of Jan. 1, 2024; youth
must have completed kindergarten to be a Cloverbud).
July 23rd

$15 for Brown Co. 4-H'ers;
$20 for non-4-H'ers

Junior Shooting Sports

Registration Due: May 6th 

Completing Grades 3rd-6th

June 7th-9th

Junior Shooting Sports scholarships
will follow the same process as
outlined below for residential camp
and are due April 18th. Please note this
date is earlier than the other camp
scholarships due to the earlier
registration deadline.

Senior Shooting Sports

Registration Due June 9th

Completing Grades 7-12

July 14th-19th

Senior shooting sports scholarship
applications are available through
the Teen Opportunities Application,
due January 15th under Award Trips
and More!

2024 Camp Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for the 2024 Residential Camps! The Brown County 4-H Committee is offering $125 for Brown County 4-H'ers attending Beginner, Junior High and Teen Camp. This is also the process for Junior Shooting Sports Camp. These scholarships are also supported by the Brown County Pork Producers in memory of Margaret Rosselot and the Harrison Scholarship Fund. Scholarship applications are due to the Extension Office by 4:30pm on April 18th for Jr. Shooting Sports Camp and May 13th for all other applicable camps. Applicants are responsible for registering for camp by the posted deadlines and paying any remainder of the fees. You will be notified of selection by email. Please review the information sheet available for complete instructions:


2024 Camp Counselor Information

Thank you for your interest in being a camp counselor. Being a camp counselor can be a very rewarding experience, but it is also a great responsibility and commitment.

Complete applications are due through the online application system by February 1st. 

Link to 2024 Counselor Application - all applications must be submitted online through the online application system. 

Please review all the information for requirements, deadlines, and expectations. If you have any questions, please contact the Extension Office. 

Training Opportunity Forms:

Making eXtreme Counselors: Feb. 24th-25th Cost: $60; Registration Due: Jan. 30th. 

Counselor College - March 23rd-24th ***REQUIRED

  • Ohio 4-H Conference - March 9th