July 11, 2016 - 10:47am -- clary.42@osu.edu

The Brown County 4-H Committee is selling Brown County 4-H T-Shirts. All proceeds from the shirts will go toward supporting the 4-H program including educational programs, camps, trips and scholarships. The shirts are available through pre-order only and orders are due by August 1st. 

For individuals affiliated with a club, please place your order through your club. Payment should be made to your club, and one club check wrote for the entire order. Shirts will then be distributed through the club. 

Individuals not affiliated with a 4-H Club (ex. alumni, community member) who would like to purchase a shirt can also. When shirts are ready, they can be picked up at the Extension Office during business hours. 

Shirts will be gray with green writing. The base cost of the shirt is $10. Limited personalization is available at a cost of $2 per shirt. See the linked order form below for a preview of the shirt design and options.  

Brown County 4-H Shirt Order Form

All orders require pre-payment. Orders are due by August 1st.
Information on where to send orders and payment is included on the order form.