Based on a variety of feedback, the 4-H Committee changed the County Medal forms in 2014. Looking to 2015 form, the 4-H Committee would now like feedback from additional volunteers. 

Please review all aspects of the form and then follow the link below to provide feedback. 

2014 County Medal Form

2014 County Medal Categories

2014 County Medal Advisor Recommendation

2014 County Medal Section 1 (for additional pages)

The form was designed to be a fillable PDF that could be saved and added on to year after year. It was also designed to focus on what the applicant had done, not what they had won. Additionally, it aligns more closely with the state achievement record form. The essays had been a part of the county medal form previously, but cash awards were given to participants based on their age level.

Please provide your feedback by following the link below to a simple survey. Please complete the survey by 4:30pm on May 21st. The 4-H Committee will be reviewing the form and your feedback that night. The goal of the committee is to have the form available to 4-H'ers in June. The 4-H Committee appreciates your feedback.