Shooting Sports

  • Shooting Sports Safety meeting -  TBA 
    • Projects:  #750-Rifle, #751-Archery, #752-Shotgun, #753-Pistol, #754-Hunting/Wildlife, #755-Muzzleloader, #756-Living History, #757-Crossbow 


  • Steer/Market Heifer Exhibitor Letter - includes Code of Conduct, Brown Co. Born & Raised Steer (Market Heifer) Certificate & Rules, Brown County Cattlemen's Association Membership Application
  • 2020 Beef Skill-a-thon: For 2020 Skill-a-thon will be completed virtually. Exhibitors will be sent a link in early July and have until 11:59pm on July 18th to complete skill-a-thon. 


ALL Canine Paperwork must be submitted through 4HOnline by June 1, 2020 at 11:59pm. Please review the steps to upload information that outlines how to upload documents and the required paperwork and photos. All required information must be submitted at the same time. You may submit your vaccine certificate later (prior to fair) but it must be current through the fair. 

Looking for some training resources? Check out this great guide!


There will be no in-person pre-fair tag-in. ALL goats will be entered by submitting the required information into 4Honline. All goats will be tagged using pictures and forms as outlined in the above documents. Goats must be entered by 11:59pm on June 6th. To access 4Honline go to 


All horses exhibitors must upload all information/forms/pictures through 4HOnline by June 1st, 2020 at 11:59pm. Please review the letter and guide carefully! If something is marked required in the guide, it must be uploaded. 

Other fun events...2020 Multi County Fair Fun Horse Show (Adams County)



Small Animals-Dept 9A & 9B



Companion Animals - 


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Clothing and Food & Nutrition

Family Consumer Science & Related Projects

  • FCS & Related Projects Letter 


  • The Writer in You


  • Self-Determined letter 

4-H Conservation, Engineering, & Miscellaneous (Dept. 18)

  • Department 18 letter

Crops (Dept. 16)

  • Department 16 letter

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