Shooting Sports

  • Shooting Sports Safety meeting -  TBA 
    • Projects:  #750-Rifle, #751-Archery, #752-Shotgun, #753-Pistol, #754-Hunting/Wildlife, #755-Muzzleloader, #756-Living History, #757-Crossbow 


  • Steer/Market Heifer Exhibitor Letter - includes Code of Conduct, Brown Co. Born & Raised Steer (Market Heifer) Certificate & Rules, Brown County Cattlemen's Association Membership Application
  • 2020 Beef Skill-a-thon Dates: TBD.


  • Dog Exhibitor Letter

  • Dog Project Registration Form - due to the Brown County Extension office by June 1, 2020.  Picture of Exhibitor WITH THEIR dog MUST be attached to the form.

  • Permission to Participate - due to the Brown County Extension office by June 1, 2020.  

  • Dog ID/Vaccination Certificate

  • Summary of Major Changes to 2020 Ohio 4-H/Ohio State Fair Dog Show Rules

  • 2020 Ohio State Fair Junior Fair Dog Show Poster Entry Form


  • Goat Exhibitor Letter
  • Market Goat Entry Form/Born & Raised Market Goat
  • Pygmy Doe or Wethers and Fiber Entry Form/Born & Raised Pygmy Doe 

  • Boer/Boer Cross Doe Entry Form/Born & Raised Boer Doe
  • Dairy Doe Entry Form/Born & Raised Dairy Doe




  • Sheep Exhibitor Letter
  • Sheep Information Sheet

Small Animals-Dept 9A & 9B


  • Poultry Exhibitor Letter
  • Poultry Information Sheet
  • Poultry (Meat Chicken's only) Information Sheet
  • Meat Chicken Order Form
  • Traveling Home with chicks


  • Rabbit Exhibitor Letter
  • Rabbit Information Sheet

Companion Animals - 

  • Companion Animal Letter
  • Companion Animal Information Sheet
  • Certificate of Vaccination for Cats and Ferrets


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Clothing and Food & Nutrition

Family Consumer Science & Related Projects

  • FCS & Related Projects Letter 


  • The Writer in You


  • Self-Determined letter 

4-H Conservation, Engineering, & Miscellaneous (Dept. 18)

  • Department 18 letter

Crops (Dept. 16)

  • Department 16 letter

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