The Brown County Friend of 4-H and 4-H Alumni Awards are annual awards given as a way to honor an individual, family, business, or corporation which has greatly supported and is currently supporting the 4-H program, either financially or philanthropically, at the local, county, district, state, or national level. Multiple awards may be given in a year at the discretion of the Brown County 4-H Advisory Committee. 


  1. Has not previously received the award (the award may be received by an individual, family, business, or corporation only once).
  2. Has given observable and/or measurable support and contribution to the 4-H program.
  3. Has greatly impacted 4-H Youth and/or 4-H volunteers in a positive way.
  4. For the 4-H Alumni Award, the individual(s) must have been a 4-H member. 

Multiple nominations for the award do not constitute a priority. Awards will be announced at the King and Queen contest on Monday night of the fair. Nominations may come from any community member.

Nominations will be accepted through an online form. Nominations must be submitted by 4:30pm on August 17th. 

Nominate someone for the 2023 Friend of 4-H or 4-H Alumni Award by clicking HERE!

Brown County Friend of 4-H

2023 Tina Howser
2022 Lynn Kragler
2021 Lee Ann Gauche
2020 Howser's One Stop Shop
2019 Bill & Teri Dunning

Adams Brown Recycling
Jim Frazier
Russellville Fire and Life Squad
Bill and Chris Neal

2017 Save-A-Lot of Georgetown
2016 Tom & Marilyn Cluxton

68 Bait & Tackle
ABC Tire
Feesburg Fertilizer
Tractor Supply Co. of Sardinia

2014 Brown County Solid Waste Authority
Doris Potts
2013 Frankie Stith-Scott
Kathy Jelley
Brown County FFA Instructors: Doug Dyer, Jamie Loudon, Luke Rhonemus, Matt Winkle, Harvey Stanfield, Doug Bahnsen
2012 Brown County Commissioners
Georgetown Life Squad
SHCTC Custodial Staff
2011 Campbell Auctioneers
McKinzie & Holton Auctioneers
Junior Fair Sale Office
2010 Patriot Signs - Bill Williams
Dennis & Lottie Broughton
2009 Julie Rogers
Brenda Martin
Brown County Horsemen's Association
2008 Georgetown Eagles
Turkey Federation
Dora Charles
Ed Fuhrmann
2007 Lisa Copas
Georgetown Post American Legion
Randy Jandes
2006 Judy Copley
Carl Fritz
C103 Radio - Ted Foster & Don Bowles
2005 Bill Cornetet
Jeff Havener
Joy Wilson 
2004 Grace Murphy
Jim Malone - Pepsi
Wayne Boblitt - Brown County Press
2003 Jim Heslar
Dale Knechtly
Cahall Bros. Inc. 
2002 Southern Hills JVS (Guarino & DeMattis)
Jim Schumaker
Vern Hawkins
Ron Dvorachek
2001 Clark Township Trustees - Steve Wallace, Denny Schneider, Barney Neal
Gail DeClaire
Brown County Senior Fairboard
2000 Arlene Hauke
Rick Plessinger -WAXZ
Harold & Betty Manning
1999 Leslie Cahall
Beth Loudon
1998 Paul Hall
Pam Patton & Ean Patton
1997 Mike & Marcia Ernst
Bob & Carol Saner
Jack Crout
1996 Ripley National Bank
Ned Lodwick
Gene Wright
1995 George Hammon
Bob & Nancy Connor
Brown County Press (Eunice Ott)
1994 Jim Beasley
Charles Durham
Harold & Lisa Wheeler
1993 Carole Hinkle
OK Warehouse
Ben Pedigo
1992 John Gallager
Terry Martin
Bill Fauth, Sr.
1989 Jean Rice
Mark Naylor
Lisa Wheeler
1987 Rick Kenkel
Loius D'Aloisio
Martha Griffith
1986 Clarence Geeslin
Cooper Snider
Hubert Reed
1985 Harmon Neal
Earl Baylor Family
Bob Clonch
1983 Brown County Pork Producers
Ron Liming
Ripley Tobacco Board of Trade
1982 Truman
Russel Cochran
Don Chandler
1981 Bill Stewart - WFTM
Brown County Horseman's Council
Brown County Banker's Association
1980 Bill Germann
Roger & Juanita Barricklow
1979 Roy Mmiller
Nancy Hill
Don Brown
Ellis Feed Mill
1977 People's National Bank
First National Bank
Citizen's Bank
Brown County National Bank
Citizen's National Bank
Ripley National Bank
Bank of Russellville
First National Bank of Sardinia
Brown County Soil Conservation Service


Brown County 4-H Alumni


Christi Rockey
Dara Landess

2022 LoAnn Haines
2021 Gigi Neal

Jamie Loudon
Gerlinde Shelton, Posthumously 

2019 Cathy Griffith, Posthumously 
2018 Nathan Woods
Robyn Bohl
2017 Druann Kendrick
2016 Brett Rogers
2015 Amy Habig
Sandy Howser
Randy Yockey
2014 Linda Wells
2013 Barney Neal
Phil Haines
Becky Cropper
2012 Tony Gray
2010 Brian Cowdrey
2009 Betty Neu
2008 Todd Cluxton
2007 Frankie Stith-Scott
2006 In Memory of Donna Bailey
Don & Donna Stone
2005 Cindy McCafferty
2004 Laura Mae Howser
2003 Linda Sue Stephan
2002 Pearl Bloom
Ruth Yochum
Polly Greene
Grace Leninger
2001 Jeff Ratliff
JoAnne Kattine
2000 Barb Clonch
Margaret Rosselot
1999 Scott Lanter
Jerry Sawyers
1998 Sue Day
Mick Green
1997 1987 CARTEENS: Keely Colliver, Gigi Griffith Neal, Jesse Creamer, Arlando Elliott, Candace Whalen Van Kuren, Deering Dyer, Greta Gray, Laura Neu-Vix, Darlene Bick Williams
Betty Neu
1996 Greg Pfeffer
Mike Pfeffer
1995 Gary Moran
Andy Purdy
1994 Lisa Clark
Augie Germann
1993 Larry Moran
1992 Roy Griffith
1986 Leroy & Diane Louderback
Roger & Juanita Barricklow
1985 Kay Walton Haag
1983 Ruby Hardyman
1981 Sue Basta
Shirley Tully
Dr. Ned Lodwick
1979 Frances & Ida Schadle