Upcoming Events

  1. We're Hiring - Support Staff Position

    Feb. 14, 2024

    Join our team! We are hiring a support staff member to serve as an Office Associate in our office.

  2. We are hiring a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant!

    Mar. 26, 2024

    Join our team! We are hiring a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant.

  3. Virtual Dining with Diabetes

    Mar. 05, 2024

    You will learn how to incorporate good, healthy cooking techniques and other practices...

  4. We are hiring!

    Jan. 31, 2024

    Join our team! We are hiring a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant.

  5. 2024 Brown County Quality Assurance

    Jan. 23, 2024

    Attention all youth livestock exhibitors. It is time to begin planning which quality assurance training to attend. Quality Assurance is a mandatory annual training required by all youth livetock exhibitors. See the flyer below for full details of training dates and times. 


  6. OSU Brown County Closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th.

    Nov. 21, 2023

  7. 2023 Beginner & Small Farm College

    Oct. 25, 2023

    This college is designed to help landowners examine potential ways to increase profits on their small acreage properties. The program is open to all new or aspiring farmers, new rural landowners, small farmers, and farm families looking for new ideas.

  8. Climate Smart: Farming with Weather Extremes

    Oct. 25, 2023

    Interested in learning about NRCS, Ohio State, and Central State Climate Smart research and activities?

    What impacts might increasing temperatures and intense precipitation events have on water, manure, and pest management in Ohio?

    How might changing weather patterns effect crop insurance, grain markets, and farmer stress?

  9. Planning the Future of Your Farm

    Oct. 25, 2023

    The OSU Extension offices in Brown & Clermont counties invite you to participate in a “Planning for the Future of Your Farm” workshop on November 29, 2023. This workshop is designed to help farm families learn strategies and tools to successfully create a succession and estate plan that helps you transfer your farm’s ownership, management, and assets to the next generation. Learn how to have the crucial conversations about the future of your farm.

  10. Southwest Ohio Beef Quality Assurance

    Oct. 25, 2023

    The Goal of the Ohio Beef Quality Assurance program is to increase the competitive base for marketing Ohio Cattle. BQA is a program to ensure that beef and dairy cattle are maintained in a manner which will result in a safe and wholesome beef product. OSU Extension offers this workshop to address the industry demand for certification.