August 31, 2016 - 2:44pm --

Quality care of animals should always be a top priority. As we are rapidly approaching the 2016 Brown County Fair, we want to remind all of our animal exhibitors of these practices and specifically biosecurity practices. While we are reminding our 4-H and FFA members of these practices, these apply to anyone raising animals.

Biosecurity practices should be followed at all times, and here are just a few reminders:

  • Monitor your projects for unusual signs of illness, wheezing, lethargy, and depression.
  • Practice personal biosecurity and avoid contact with sick/dead poultry, swine, wildlife, etc. If contact occurs, wash your hands with soap and water and change clothing before having any contact with healthy domestic animals.
  • Keep unauthorized visitors from having contact with your animals. A good practice whether there is a disease threat or not. Authorized persons should also follow personal biosecurity measures.
  • Avoid contact between your animals and wild animals whenever possible. Many diseases can be carried and transmitted by wildlife and across species. This applies to all animals but specifically with birds, due to the likely migratory nature of avian influenza. These virus strains can travel in wild birds without them appearing sick.
  • Clean and disinfect pens/cages, feed pans, waterers, and feed scoops on a regular basis. After transporting any animal clean and disinfect any cages or trailers before putting animals back into transport unit.

While there is no immediate concern, it is best to develop and implement biosecurity measures for your farm/backyard animals, or 4-H and FFA projects, regardless of the size or production model. This will help you protect your animals from strains of influenza or other types of sickness that may affect your animal. It is also important that everyone do their part in monitoring domestic and wild animals and reporting sick or unusual deaths to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health at 1-615-728-6220.

OSU Extension monitors all animal health issues in relation to 4-H projects and Junior Fair Exhibition. If any concerns arise in regard to animal health that would impact exhibition at the Brown County Fair, exhibitors will be notified.

For individuals visiting county fairs and other locations with animals, it is advised to wash your hands as you go between barns. It is also advised to wash your hands before eating after having contact with animals.

Additional information on biosecurity can be found on the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website at  For information on Ohio State University Extension in Brown County, please visit our website at or call our office at 937-378-6716. Information on the Brown County Fair can be found at