September 18, 2023 - 10:52am --

Brown County Junior Fair DUNF Completion List

If your animal project is listed below, fill out the electronic Brown County DUNF before Friday, September 22nd at 4:00 pm.

You must complete ONE form PER ANIMAL unless your animal is exhibited as a Small Animal Pen of Animals.


  • Large Market Beef (steer/heifer) All should use EID/RFID tag numbers
  • Lactating Dairy Cattle (cow not a heifer; even if currently dry)


  • Market Hog (barrow/gilt)


  • Dairy Market (wether/doe) Must use scrapie ID# Meat Market (wether/doe) Must use scrapie ID# 
  • Lactating Dairy Goats (even if currently dry)

Small Animals (will be assigned ID# once on-site, put N/A in the blank for now; for PENs of animals treat them as one animal ex. Meat Pen of Chickens)

  • Market Chicken (single fryer & meat pen)
  • Market Turkey
  • Market Duck
  • Market Geese
  • Market Rabbits (single fryer & meat pen)


  • Market Lamb (wether/doe) Must use Scrapie ID#

If your animal is not listed above, you do not need to fill out a DUNF. This includes horses/donkeys, breeding animals unless listed above, feeder calves, an exhibition/fancy, pack/harness only, or is too young to lactate. 

PDF Guide with information and walk through steps