April 8, 2020 - 4:00pm -- kratzer.11@osu.edu

Are you a local food producer? We are working on compiling a list of local food producers in our county. With the recent health concerns and social distancing requirements we have received multiple requests about local food connections...

Therefore, we want to help our community members connect with local food resources and shed some light on our local food producers during these trying times. Several OSU Extension Educators are sending out a survey for their community to complete. If you are a local food producer, please take some time to fill out this survey to tell us more about your business.

Follow this link the access the survey: go.osu.edu/LocalFoodsProducersSurvey. The direct link to the survey can also be found on our website at brown.osu.edu and on our Facebook page at OSU Extension Brown County. If you have trouble finding the link or accessing the site, please email me at morris.1677@osu.edu. Please fill out the survey by April 17th. We will allow new entries after April 17th but we would like to established list as soon as possible in order to meet the community needs.