September 6, 2017 - 12:06pm --

The Brown County 4-H Committee is again sponsoring a county wide recycling project for 2017. Clubs can participate by submitting receipts showing proof of recycling their aluminum cans.

What’s in it for your club?

  • Helping the environment by keeping aluminum cans out of the landfill!
  • Clubs who participate and recycle a minimum of 10lbs of aluminum cans will automatically receive $25 from the 4-H Committee
  • Prizes will be given for the top 3 clubs. This will be determined by the total weight divided by the number of members in the club.

1st Place: $50

2nd Place: $40

3rd Place: $30

How do clubs participate?

  • Encourage your clubs members and families to recycle aluminum cans.
  • You have options for tracking the amount recycled.
    • You can set up an account at Adams Brown Recycling for your club and use this as an additional fundraiser.
      • When an individual drops off cans, they tell the staff which club they are affiliated with and the money from the cans are put into an account for your club AND they track the weight for you.
        • Contact the Adams Brown Recycling Center for information on how to set up a community donation account. 
    • If you chose to use a different recycling facility then Adams Brown Recycling, or if individuals wish to recycle the cans on their own, ask for a receipt with the date and total number of pounds of aluminum cans recycled. Then provide a copy of the receipt to your club adviser to turn into the Extension Office.

Tracking of the weight of the cans for the purpose of the prizes will be from April 1st to October 15.

  • Clubs can turn in receipts dated any time after April 1st until October 15th.
  • Final club receipts must be received at the Extension Office by October 17th