September 21, 2020 - 11:13am --

Drug Use Notification Forms & Ractopamine Free Forms (swine) will be virtual this year. 

We were selected as a pilot county for ODA for the virtual DUNF forms. We have previously said that this was coming and to be on the lookout for the information, and now is the time! 

If your animal project is listed below, fill out the electronic Brown County DUNF before Friday September 25th at 11:59pm.

  • Cattle 
    • Large Market Beef (steer/heifer)- All should use RFID tag numbers
    • Lactating Dairy Cattle (cow, not a heifer; even if currently dry)
  • Swine
    • Market Hog (barrow/gilt)
  • Goat
    • Dairy Market (wether/doe) Must use scrapie ID#
    • Meat Market (wether/doe) Must use scrapie ID#
    • Lactating Dairy Goats (even if currently dry)
  • Poultry (will be assigned ID# once onsite, put N/A in the blank for now; for PENs of animals, treat them as one animal ex. Meat Pen of Chickens)
    • Market Chicken (single and pen)
    • Market Turkey
    • Market Duck
  • Sheep
    • Market Lamb (wether/doe) Must use Scrapie ID#

If your animal is not listed above, you do not need to fill out a DUNF. This includes rabbits (market or exhibition), a horse/donkey, a breeding animal, an exhibition/fancy, pack/harness only, or is too young to lactate, you DO NOT need to fill out a DUNF.

All swine exhibitors will also need to complete the Ractopamine Affidavit at this time.

To complete your DUNF visit:

For swine exhibitors to complete your Ractopamine Affidavit go to:

Instructions for completing the DUNF form. 

Exhibitors must complete all required forms by Friday, September 25th at 11:59 p.m.

Drug Use Notification Forms are required to exhibit by the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 
The Brown County Agricultural Society (Senior Fairboard) voted in the spring 2020 that all Swine would be Ractopamine Free and required to submit an affidavit.