September 2, 2020 - 9:58am --

ATTN: Special Interest Project Members (this information was also sent via email on 9/1/20)


You are receiving this email because you or someone in your household is enrolled in a special interest project that is traditionally judged through a project interview either pre-fair or during fair. All project interviews this year will be held during the Brown County Junior Fair. Judging will occur on either Monday, Sept. 27th starting at 2 pm or Thursday, Oct. 1st starting at 9 am in the Danny Gray Building on the Fairgrounds.

Due to current guidelines, we must limit the number of people at a time. Because of this, we are requiring all members to schedule an appointment for project judging.

You will need to go to to select your time slot by 11:59 pm on September 11th.

When you go to the link, you will fill in your personal information and select your project category. This will take you to a page to select your specific project. If you cannot find your specific project, use the back button to return to the category page. Once you select your project you will select your timeslot. Each member will be able to register for up to 4 projects in one submission. You will receive a summary of your results after you submit. If you are registering for more than one project, make sure you do not double book yourself.  There are limited spots per timeslot.

To help you out your options will be:

  • Clothing – any clothing project (will be judged on Monday)
  • Food/Nutrition Projects – any food and nutrition project (will be judged on Monday)
  • Family & Consumer Sciences (Cake Decorating, Your Thoughts Matter…) – are projects that are traditionally judged in July (will be judged on Monday).
  • Agriculture/STEM Projects/Natural Resource… – are projects that are typically judged in September (will be judged on Thursday).
  • Officer Books – any officer (will be judged on Thursday)
  • Self – Determined – All self-determined, please enter your project topic. (will be judged on Thursday)
  • Crops – Junior (8-13 as of Jan. 1) – will be judged on Thursday
  • Crops – Senior (14-18 as of Jan. 1) – will be judged on Thursday

Need help figuring out what is typically judged in July or September? You can find a guide on our website along with the document that lists project requirements on our website here:

If you are unable to attend in person due to scheduling conflicts or for health concerns, you may request a virtual interview via Zoom. You will still select a timeslot and your interview will occur during your selected timeslot on the respective day with the same judge you would see if you attended in-person.

If you cannot attend in-person or virtually on your respective day, you may complete your project for completion only with your club advisor by Sept. 15th.

Failure to register for an appointment by the deadline may result in you not being able to be interviewed and/or eligible for any awards.

There will be no project displays this year for special interest projects. You will bring your project materials with you to judging and take them home with you when you are finished. ALL members will be required to wear a mask for judging.

Animal exhibitors will be receiving separate communication on how to enter projects.

This is a new system this year, we hope it works flawlessly. If we discover any errors with enrollments such as double bookings, we will contact the members we need to sort it out. Thank you for your patience as we work through this!