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2021 Brown County 4-H Policies and Guidelines - 

The Brown County 4-H Committee finalized and approved the 2021 4-H Policies and Guidelines on Nov. 19, 2020. These policies are in effect for 2021 and will be reviewed and updated each year.



Please complete this checklist to determine whether your club has met the Ohio 4-H Club charter requirements. This checklist will be reviewed by the County 4-H Extension Professional. Chartered 4-H clubs are permitted to use the 4-H Name and Emblem according to 4-H National Headquarter guidelines. Clubs that meet these minimum requirements will be granted/continue a charter. The charter checklist must be reviewed every year to assure a club’s continued compliance with the 4-H Club criteria.


Please note that this form must be completed for each calendar year's bank transactions for your club. This form must be completed by January 31 of the following year. (Example: if you are reporting on the financials of your club for calendar year 2020, this form is due no later than January 31, 2021). Clubs who fail to submit their financial summary by the deadline will not be clubs in good standing and may lose their club charter and eligibility to be a club.

4-H Club Equipment Inventory -

Submit with Club's annual 4-H Club/Affiliate Yearly Financial Summary 

Ohio 4-H Club Constitution -

Club Constitutions need to be on file at the Extension office.

4-H Club By-Laws (Template) -

Examples of OPTIONAL articles that could be included in a 4-H Club's by-laws.


Advisor/Club Volunteer Listing and Club Officers -

to be turned in with enrollments

Parade Entry Form -

due to the Brown County OSU Extension office by September 1st.

Miscellaneous Judging Sheet -

To be used by Club Advisors for 4-H Project Completion Credit Only

4-H Membership Across County Lines -    

This form is to be submitted by all youth who wish to be 4-H members in any county other than the county where they live. If requesting membership in Brown County 4-H, proof of enrollment in a Brown County school is also required. Forms must be submitted by March 1st. 

4-H Club Fundraising Request Form -

Club fundraising activity must be pre-approved by the Brown County 4-H Committee who meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month. 

Head Advisors - Please use this form to indicate the quantity and total cost for each line item. Summarize your order and return this completed form to the Brown County Extension office.

4-H Project Worksheet Order Form-

Worksheets are for members who are repeating the same project.  Only those listed on the order form are available.  Not all project have worksheets.


Activity Permission Form -

4-H clubs often sponsor special trips and activities. This Activity Permission Form can be used for these special trips and activities. This form should be completed by the parent or guardian of the 4-H member.

Transport Child/Charge Form

Waiver/Permission form for a child/charge to be transported in a motor vehicle driven by an individual identified to an event at a special location on date indicated.

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