Any youth wishing to exhibit an animal at the fair in 2020 is required to complete Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance for exhibition at the Brown County Fair must be completed by July 1st. Any youth wishing to exhibit at the Ohio State Fair MUST complete Quality Assurance prior to June 1st! 
For QA purposes an animal project will be defined as any animal project that is exhibited at the fair EXCEPT: Horses and Companion Animals: dogs, cats, and projects taken through the Pocket Pet project. If you are unsure if your project is required to take QA, please contact the Extension Office for clarification. 
**Horse QA Requirement - All first-year horse exhibitors will be required to attend Horse QA. Horse QA will be offered TBD as part of Horse Camp. Any youth not attending horse camp will need to attend from 6-8pm or contact the office for alternatives. 
Test Out Opportunity: If a youth is 15+ as of January 1, 2020 they are eligible to take the test out option. They have one opportunity to pass the test each year; if they pass the test they are exempt from QA for the rest of their 4-H career. If you are interested in testing out, please contact the Extension Office to schedule an appointment to take the test.

2020 Dates for Quality Assurance in Brown County (TBA)



Out of County Options --- Additional opportunities may be available. We will post them here if we become aware of any. Please note that some counties may have a fee for out of county participants; please contact the respective counties with questions.