Pushing Soybean Productivity in Ohio

Ag Tech Tuesday - eFields series focuses on the results from various soybean trials conducted in 2020.


Boots on the Ground Statewide Results -
Dr. Laura Lindsey discusses the results of the Boots on the Ground trials in Ohio, looking at planting date, fungicide, and insecticide on soybeans.


Local Boots on the Ground Results, -
Mary Griffith discusses the local results of Boots on the Ground trials conducted in Clark and Pickaway counties.


Foliar Fertilizers on Soybeans -
James Morris shares the results on an on-farm research trial looking at the affect of foliar fertilizer on soybeans in Brown County, Ohio


Soybean Seeding Rate Results -
Ken Ford shares the results of an eFields soybean seeding rate trial conducted in Fayette County, Ohio in 2020.


Sulfur on Soybeans -
John Barkers discusses the results of sulfur eFields on-farm research trials in Knox County, Ohio.


Dr. Laura Lindsey has several plots with research data at different soybean plant populations and planting date.