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*Efields population study*

Plant Date: May 15, 2021


Report Date: June 16, 2021 - Damping-Off

Growing Degree Day since planting: 486

Total Growing Degree Day since 01/01/21: 732

Growth stage: V2-V3

Description: This plot will compare yield differences between soybeans planted at 120,000 plants/acre vs 160,000 plants/acre. 

  • While taking stand counts some soybeans were showing symptoms of damping-off. The 120,000 seeding rate had an average final stand of 110,000 plants/acre. Damping-off is common symptoms of pyhtophthora, pythium, and rhizoctonia. Further testing will be conducted to determine the causual agent. In the images below notice the discoloration of the stem and how the wilitng begins towards the bottom of the plant (unifoliates) and progress up the plant to the first trifoliates. 

Soybean 6.16.2021 aSoybean 6.16.21 bSardinia 6.16.21 c