Description: MGVs are partnering with the Hope Emergency Program to teach their clientele about raised bed and container gardening. MGVs will offer monthly sessions that will inlcuded 1 hour of classroom time followed by hands-on experiences in the garden. Participants will be able to learn about growing their own food from start to finish! 

Session #3 - July 16, 2021: We taught participants about the 20 steps for diagnosing plant problems. Participants also walked the garden to practice disease and insect pest identificaiton. We also discussed the appropriate strategies for managament. Pictured are examples of powdery mildew and downy mildew on some of the cucumber and zucchini plants. As shown in the images, Downy mildew appears as yellow, chlorotic spots on the top side of the leaves and white, fuzzy sporulation occurs on the undersides. Powdery mildew is the white fuzzy sporulation shown the the upper side of the leaves. Be on the look out for these diseases in your garden and find more details about management at https://u.osu.edu/.../cuc.../cucurbit-downy-mildew/advanced/. The pcitured insects are squash bug nymphs. More on ID and control can be found at Insect Pests of Cucurbit Crops


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Session #2 - June 15, 2021: This month's class focused on successful planting times and approaches for various crops. We expalined the best planting windows and conditions for cool season crops vs warm season crops.

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Session #1- May 15, 2021: Participants learned how to take soil samples and how to read results. They also learned more details about soil properties and amendments.