Brown County 4-H Teen Opportunities

Various opportunities are available to older youth involved in 4-H. Some of these opportunities are at the local level, additional opportunities exist at the state and national level. All 4-H members are encouraged to get involved in these various activities. Scholarships are available to help cover the costs of some of the events. Deadlines vary for enrollment and scholarship deadlines. The majority of the scholarships are applied for through the Teen Opportunity Application which is due on or before January 16, 2024 Please review all of the information in the letter and on the site below. 

Visit to apply for award trips/camps. This survey will close at 11:59pm on January 16th. Please plan on completing the application in one sitting. Please be prepared to answer the following essay questions for award trips/camps. Essay questions should use complete sentences and proper grammar and punctuation. 

1. Why are you interested in applying for this opportunity? Please address each opportunity you are applying for. 2. What do you hope to gain out of this opportunity? Please address each opportunity you are applying for. 3. Where and how do you plan on sharing the ideas you learn as a result of the opportunity? Please address each opportunity you are applying for. 4. What are some of your 4-H accomplishments to date? 5. Have you ever been selected for an award trip/camp before? If so, which award and what year? What did you gain from this experience?


State Leadership Camp

June 1-5 - Camp Ohio
(St. Louisville, OH)

*Full Cost: $345

Sea Camp

July 19th-23rd - Kelleys Island
*Full Cost - $400

Ohio 4-H Senior Shooting Education Camp

July 14th-19th - Canter's Cave
(Jackson, OH)

*Full Cost: $375

Citizenship Washington Focus -
**For ages 14-19

June TBD (travels with Ohio 4-H on charter bus)

*Full cost: ~$1600

LWF - Leadership Washington Focus

**For 4-H’ers entering grades 7-9

Canceled 2024

*Full cost: $TBD 

*Please note the full cost of the trips is listed, the Brown County 4-H Advisory Committee will be providing scholarships, and the final amount will be determined when they set their 2024 budget. The youth selected will be told at the time of notification of the cost to participate. 

To apply for award trips, please fill out the Teen Opportunity Application.  Applications are due on or before January 16, 2024.

Interviews for the above are scheduled for January 18th at 5:00 pm prior to the 4-H Advisory Committee meeting.


To apply for or to participate in any of the opportunities below, please fill out the Teen Opportunity Application.  Additional paperwork may be required.  Please read the application and letter thoroughly to make sure you understand the requirements of each opportunity. 

Contact the OSU Extension office if you should have any questions.

Applications are due on or before January 16, 2024, unless otherwise noted.  

Ohio Achievement Record

This application is used to apply for: State Achievement Awards, National 4-H Dairy Conference, Ohio Township Association 4-H Local Government Award, Ohio State Junior Fair Board, Ohio Dairy Goat Conference.

The application and specific information on each opportunity is available at the link to the left.

If you would like feedback on your achievement award application, please contact Christy no later than January 15, 2024. Final drafts are due by February 1st. 

****Want help filling out your Achievement Record? Please contact Christy if you would like any additional help!

Ohio 4-H Conference

March 9th

Registration due Feb. 9th

CARTEENS Conducts programs for first-time traffic offenders - Held the 1st Wednesday of each month, 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; at the Ohio Highway Patrol Post.
4-H Camp Counselor

Separate application is required; must meet all training requirements. Due Feb. 1st                                                        
For more information on camp counselors go to:

Making eXtreme Counselors (can count toward the required training for all camp counselors) February 24th-25th. Registration due Jan. 30th
4-H Junior Leaders Can join at any time once you turn 13!  Meetings are typically held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00!
Buckeye Leadership Workshop Open to youth and adults. Visit the BLW site by clicking on the name. Click HERE for information on scholarships for teens. 

Ohio 4-H Conference

Who:     All Ohio 4-H Teens & Volunteers are welcome to attend.
When:   March 9th 
Where:  Greater Columbus Convention Center,
Cost:     $40 - all registrations received by the early deadline will be supported by the Brown County 4-H Committee.

When is the deadline to register?  Must be received by Feb 9th, 4:30 p.m., to the Brown County OSU Extension office.  

Come and join 4-H volunteers and teens from across the State of Ohio.  Registration information is available here: