2024 NEW Volunteer Applications Available NOW

Adult volunteers are the backbone and are key to the success of the 4-H program! We are always looking for new caring adults who have time and expertise they would like to volunteer to the 4-H program. Adults who work directly with 4-H'ers two or more times during the year are considered volunteers.
All volunteers must complete the required OSU Extension volunteer approval process. Are YOU interested in being a 4-H Volunteer in Brown County?
Complete the online volunteer application at

All application materials must be received by the OSU Extension Office by April 1, 2024.
This includes references and background checks.

All new volunteers must also complete a BCI background check, interview, and orientation/training. Specific information on this will be sent to volunteers after an application is received. 

New volunteers must attend a new volunteer orientation. Please note, that attending a returning volunteer update does not meet the requirement for a new volunteer. Please check back here or contact the Extension Office for more information. 

2024 Volunteer Training - For returning volunteers only!

Returning volunteers who were active volunteers in 2023 have two options to complete their required training in 2024. Training must be completed by April 1st. Volunteers must complete training and be approved before working with 4-H club members. 
Option One: In-Person - Carpeted Room 
  • February 19th @ 2pm
  • February 26th @ 6pm
  • February 27th @ 6pm

Resources from 2024 Training:

Option Two: Virtual Training – on your own before April 1st (this recording option will be available after the in-person trainings).
To receive credit for the self-paced training for returning volunteers follow these steps - ALL steps must be completed: For this year, volunteers may complete the Ohio 4-H annual activities and programs with minor participants (policy 1.50) AND our Brown County training virtually on their own. You will be responsible for completing the training by April 1st and asking any clarifying questions you may have on updates etc., as well as making sure you are reading all provided emails and updates.

1. Go to this link, register, and then watch the video. We must see that you logged in and watched to receive credit. Alternative link: HTTP://go.osu.edu/2024training This is for RETURNING volunteers only!

2. After watching the recording go to HTTP://go.osu.edu/brown24 and complete the survey. You will need a code provided in the video to access the survey. 

3. Follow the instructions in this PDF to complete the annual required training Activities and Programs with Minors (formerly policy 1.50) training. 

 If a volunteer fails to attend one of the trainings or complete the online training, they WILL NOT be recognized as a volunteer in 2024. To return as a volunteer in 2025 they would be required to complete the new volunteer process. The 2024 new volunteer application is available on our website. These trainings DO NOT meet the requirements for new volunteers. Please remember that failure to read and understand information is not an acceptable reason for unmet requirements or missed deadlines. If you do not understand, please ask clarifying questions. We are happy to help clarify information and help you complete the process in advance of deadlines. 

Background Check  Information: Please take this information with you when you go to get your background check! CLICK HERE FOR FORM TO TAKE WITH YOU WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR FINGERPRINTS TAKEN.
If you are going to the Brown County Educational Service Center, please take this completed form with you! This will expedite the process! CLICK HERE FOR FORM!