The 4-H Advisory Committee is made up of 4-H Volunteers. Members are nominated and elected by all current volunteers to serve a three-year term. The county is divided into four areas, with three representatives from each area and 1/3 of the membership up for election each year. There are two youth members elected to serve a one year term each, one selected from Junior Fairboard and one from Junior Leaders. The youth members have equal membership on the committee. Members of the 4-H Advisory Committee help provide input and guidance into the overall Brown County 4-H program. Additionally, they assist with selecting youth to represent the county at various state level events such as Citizenship Washington Focus. This committee also works to raise funds to help offset the cost of 4-H events and provide scholarships, this includes covering the cost of liability insurance for members and volunteers, fair passes for members, and 4-H camp scholarships. 

If you have recommendations, comments or concerns, please contact a member of the 4-H Advisory Committee. 

Area 1:

  • LoAnn Haines (term expires in 2019)
  • Barb Howser (term expires in 2020)
  • Lee Ann Gauche (term expires in 2021)

Area 2:

  • Teri Dunning (term expires in 2019)
  • Charlotte Gifford (term expires in 2020)
  • Jeremy Sweet (term expires in 2021)

Area 3: 

  • Julia Clubb (term expires in 2019)
  • Randy Yockey (term expires in 2020)
  • Beth Kress (term expires in 2021)

Area 4:

  • Jessika Taylor (term expires in 2019)
  • Marilyn Cluxton (term expires in 2020)
  • Heather Hauke (term expires in 2021)

2019 Youth Representatives

  • Paula Hauke
  • Jeremy Ackley